Ysolda @ Titityy

 On a rainy Friday a bunch of knitters from Kuopio drove to Jyväskylä to see Ysolda and to attend to one of her classes. 

There was Titityy, the cutest yarn store. 

 There she was.
 And I was there.
 And there were the knits. Lots of them, the wee and the bigger ones.
 And she really, actually, in person, was there.
 It was a good class, lots to ponder over and to take home and use when knitting.
 Some we learned by knitting mini samplers.
My sampler turned into a doll sweater. My daughter now has a doll sweater of which Ysolda has knit one row. 

What did  I learn from my trip? 
If I know how to make fitting sweaters, it's only  my laziness and stupidity that I don't make fitting sweaters. I need to bother my brain if I want to spare my hands and my time. It's not difficult.

The people who make lots of knitted garments can be very quick knitters. I think that's a feature you can train. At least a little. 

I'm happy I got to be part of it.

My knitting after the class wasn't a new sweater or cardi for me, but stranded mittens. I finally got it, by looking Ysolda's technique video on wrapless short rows, how to carry one strand in my right hand and the other in my left. It's so much smoother now, so I look with new eyes at stranded and twined knitting.